Book a reading with any of our in house intuitives. With the world rapidly changing to accommodate this global illness we are all able to offer our services through phone or video chat!


Kati McBride

Intuitive Reading $100


Kati McBride intuitively reads tarot + oracle cards to give insight + clarity to clients. Readings can be for general guidance, specific questions, or a mixture of both. She is currently offering online video sessions.
Kati has been practicing intuitive readings + mediumship since 2012. In 2016 she opened Rituals Austin to offer ethically made products to the industry. In 2018 she opened her first brick + mortar on South Congress. She has offered private readings to her customer base since + has recently opened her books to the public.


Karissa Eve Medium

Mediumship Reading $125+


Mediumship or Spirit Guide Reading 
Mediumship can connect directly to the Spirit world. Karissa Eve is able to reunite you with your passed loved ones in a profound and life-altering way by providing evidence of things only you would know. Your loved ones not only wish for you to know they are still around you but to also offer you guidance and direction on your current life circumstances. By connecting with your Spirit Guides, Karissa Eve can deepen the insight on you current life circumstances, from the deepest traumas to the financially mundane. This is a deep look into the soul, uncovering what drives you and what holds you back so that it can be brought to light. Arming you with the knowledge of what lies ahead, your Spirit Guides will leave you with the knowledge able to change your own personal future. 
Karissa Eve is an nationally renowned Psychic Medium from the greater Boston area. With a decade of experience and many years of mentoring under her belt, she has mastered her ability to communicate with the Spirit realms. She believes that in a reading, it should feel as you are in the very same room as your passed love one and stoves to bring this to all her clients. She travels the East Coast to demonstrate Mediumship as well as teaching others how to master their abilities.


Far Out Astrology

Astrology Reading $85+


Natal Chart Reading
By reading our birth chart—the map of the sky at the moment of our first breath—we can learn how to make better use of our gifts, and make peace with our weaknesses. We can understand more about how we think, act, relate, and love. Knowing our planets helps us consciously provide each of them proper nourishment so we can become more of who we are.
Gretchen Collins became a translator for the stars and planets because she believes they have so much to tell us. If you’re cosmo-curious and want to learn more about love, career, spirituality (and everything in between) as it pertains to your life, book a session. Gretchen reads your unique astrological chart to give you a clear and detailed description of your true essence, your life’s purpose, and your destined experiences.
Although she’s been a lifelong student of astrology, it wasn’t until last year that she invested in classes with widely-acclaimed astrologer Rebecca Gordon to learn as much as she could. In 2019, she launched Far Out Astrology, where she has seen many clients and partnered with brands such as Rituals Austin, Milk + Honey, Understated Leather, and MoodxMoss.