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Joan | Botanically Dyed Silk Tarot Scarf

Designer: Soul Studio

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These Botanically Dyed Silk Scarves are as visually stunning as they are delicious in texture. Lovingly made using a natural dye process by Carol Hargus of Soul Studio, these works of wonder are designed for wrapping your Tarot or Oracle Deck. Offered in the traditional tarot deck size (17x17") with finished edges. Wrapping protects your deck from physical + energetic harm. Carol suggests trying one of the dozens of Furoshiki (Japanese) wrapping techniques. Versatile in so many ways, these squares can also be an also be worn as a scarf.

Each design is one of a kind and perfectly imperfect.

In celebration of Joan of Arc who started hearing the voice of God at the age of 13. She was believed to be the virgin who was destined to save France during The Hundred Years' War. She proved to be victorious for France but after her capture her the French King abandoned her. At her trial she was accused of being a witch and a heretic. She was burned at the stake at only 19 years of age. The Maiden of Orléans is revered as a heroine and has since been canonized as a Saint. History points to her being divinely guided to aide France. She was failed by the very Kingdom she helped make. Her strength, loyalty, and status as a messenger of her higher power lives on to this day.

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